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EbixExchange is the world’s leading electronic trading service for the global, large commercial insurance and reinsurance industry, helping reduce paperwork, repetitive data entry, processing times and costs whilst also providing security, contract certainty, audit trail and regulatory compliance.

What does EbixExchange do?

EbixExchange provides Brokers, Cedants and Insurers with a comprehensive portfolio of online functionality, processes and workflows to support the full (re)insurance lifecycle from quotation, binding and endorsement through claims, accounting and settlement.

Secure and Efficient

Fully supporting Straight Through Processing, EbixExchange provides secure and efficient integration channels for all (re)insurance transaction types and document exchange using global ACORD messaging standards.

Trusted and Respected

Covering all types and classes of commercial insurance, and facultative and treaty reinsurance business, EbixExchange is used by the majority of the world’s leading and most respected insurance brokers and underwriters.

Our user community extends beyond 7,000 users in over 20 broking and 110 underwriting organisations in North America, Bermuda, London, Europe and the Far East. Our EbixExchange platform is now responsible for the generation of over 85% of the London market’s electronic endorsements and 100% of its electronic placements.

Ebix Europe



Based in London, UK, Ebix Europe is the premier provider of electronic trading software in the global, large commercial (re)insurance sector.

Ebix Europe was formed from the acquisition in 2012/3 of the market’s two leading electronic trading service providers, TriSystems and Qatarlyst (formerly RI3K), and now supplies electronic trading services and technology to over 20 of the world’s leading broking firms and over 100 underwriting companies.

Our products and services are offered through a single, comprehensive electronic trading platform – EbixExchange – which is underpinned by technology that has been tried and tested for the past decade.

Ebix Europe Limited it a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebix Inc.



Ebix Europe has been a specialist provider of electronic trading technology and services since 2000, when it launched the world’s most successful electronic trading platform for the (re)insurance community.

Since 2006, our award-winning messaging technology has been implemented by many of the market’s leading brokers and underwriters, helping achieve the widespread adoption of ACORD standards throughout the industry.

Our staff of 30+ specialist consultants, analysts, developers and support personnel are based in London, right at the heart of the global insurance market’s drive to modernisation.

Products & Services

Products & Services

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Ebix Inc

The Global Insurance Exchange Supplier

The Global Insurance Exchange Supplier

Ebix Inc is a leading international supplier of software and e-commerce solutions to the insurance industry, providing a series of application software products ranging from carrier systems, agency systems and insurance exchanges, to custom software development for all entities involved in the insurance and financial industries.

Electronic trading runs through our DNA.  Some 80% of Ebix’s global revenues are derived from exchanges and related technology in the P&C, Life, Annuity, Health and Pensions sectors upon which in excess of $100bn of premiums are traded annually.

Ebix are leaders in the field of electronic trading and ACORD messaging in the London Insurance Market and beyond.

Our Global Network

Our Global Network

Ebix has more than 30 offices across the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Latin America and India, employing over 2,000 personnel.

Ebix supplies software and services to businesses in more than 50 countries across six continents