Access to EbixExchange

Membership is the process all companies complete to obtain access to EbixExchange.

This process simply involves user companies entering into a Membership Agreement with us which documents the legal relationship between EbixExchange and each user company. Through a set of combined binding protocols, the Membership Agreement also creates legally binding relationships between all users to form a level playing field within EbixExchange ensuring a high standard of conduct amongst members.

Please contact our account management team if you wish to become a member.

Free access to EbixExchange DMC ‘guest’ users can be obtained by accepting our terms of use during the login process. Login details will be sent in an email. Customers who wish to purchase access rights to the EbixExchange DMC should contact us for further information.

View the EbixExchange Privacy Policy

Apply for Membership

If you have any questions or would like to apply for membership, please contact:

Account Management Team

+44 (0) 20 7264 0440